Sales Analytics

Sales leaders require the ability to accurately track and monitor their sales teams performance. Much of this is done through using the data from their system and the issue is that most of the time the process has been to downloading data to excel, update and massaging it, and then do some type of reporting from it. This has issues with data quality, time to build the report and different version of the data being presented

Datasticians has extensive experience in guiding clients through building robust sales analytics capabilities by advising on industry standards analytics, emerging and innovative ways to enhance the data, while also leveraging a best of breed technology to visualize the results in a way to drive better performance from the sales team.

After you have completed an implementation with us you can answer some the questions below;

  • How are we doing plan to quarter for closed orders?
  • What opportunities are critical to our success this quarter?
  • What is the total pipeline and how are the amounts broken out by stages?
  • What is our conversion rate for leads into opportunities?
  • Which reps are over and underperforming?
  • What is our pipeline quarter over quarter or year over year?
  • What are the attach rates sales for services and maintenance?

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