Marketing Analytics

Chief Marketing Officers are always needing to understand how effective the dollars they have got. Many aspects of marketing require you to look at the data from different systems, one which manages campaigns, another which manages your web site activity, another which deals with advertising spend and so on. Today in many situations CMO’s are unable to get a full picture of their organisations activities and so do the best they can using excel or certain report tools in their specialzed applications, like Marketo or

Datasticians has access to tools and domain expertise so you can pull this data together into one source and allow you to view the whole marketing activities from a singular view. This would enable the CMO to more accurately and quickly make decisions with the VP of Sales and CEO as to where there can be adjustments made to marketing activates for optimizing the investments.

After you have completed an implementation with us you can answer some the questions below;

  • What is the spend for the quarter and how are we doing to plan?
  • Which campaigns are running this month or quarter and what are their lead rates?

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