Campaign to Cash

Campaign to Cash Analytics – Monitor and measure your Marketing investments

Modern Marketing leverages many channels to execute campaigns and generate leads with data spread across many systems. It can be difficult to get a holistic view of marketing’s influence in opportunity conversion and revenue generation. Analysts often manually blend data from all these systems to understand how to optimize their marketing mix and improve their return of investment.

Built by industry experts on a solid foundation of years of experience in Marketing and Sales analytics across many industries, Datasticians’ Campaign to Cash Analytics is built to address common problems in Marketing Analytics such as contribution to revenue, leads to pipeline to revenue, campaign performance to target, etc.

The Campaign to Cash Analytics brings in data from Marketing systems (Eloqua, Marketo), Sales data (Salesforce), ERP (Oracle/NetSuite) and Website/Social Marketing systems and ties them together into a single central warehouse (Redshift, Snowflake, RDBMS, Google Big Query….) to allow users to gain insight from a blended data spectrum.

Track Campaign Performance with Pre-Built Dashboards

Campaign to Cash Analytics includes pre-built dashboard to track Marketing Campaign Contribution to sales pipeline and revenue, conversion rates per campaign/offering, performance analysis against other like campaigns, cost per lead and cost per customer analysis. Each is customizable to client needs and the list keeps on expanding. Dashboards include but are not limited to:

  • Campaign ROI
  • Campaign/Offering Conversion
  • Trend Analysis
  • Ability to drill to details from key metrics.
  • Identify the source and attributes of high-converting customers
  • Compare lead performance by outreach method, referral source and more
  • Monitor digital marketing performance such as impressions, clicks and social media

Build Your Own Ad-hoc Reports on Standardized Metrics

The Campaign to Cash Analytics empowers users to get quick answers to their marketing questions at the speed of thought independently without need of external teams. Using ad-hoc data sources comprised of standardized critical marketing metrics, users can build their own custom reports to answer needs specific to their own analysis and marketing processes. This allows for quicker user adoption, lower total cost of ownership and gives users the agility and self service capability to own their data journey.

If you’d like to try the Campaign to Cash Analytics, reach out to a Datasticians’ representative now! They’d be happy to help.